Road Trip Across America

America’s Top 10 Solo Road Trips Ideas for Independent Travelers

When one embarks on a road trip alone, it may feel like freedom and excitement at the same time. Only such kind of travel provides an opportunity to discover the world at one’s own pace, make spontaneous decisions and live through every minute of the trip. The guide presents the top ten routes for Road Trip Across America that propose various landscapes, historical places and incredible adventures for independent tourists.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Route: San Francisco to San Diego

Distance: 600 miles

Being an essential part of any American’s journey by car alone, the Pacific Coast Highway offers stunning seaside views, lovely coastal towns and famous landmarks like Golden Gate Bridge or Big Sur. Picturesque drive, numerous chances for taking photos along with vibrant cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco waiting to be explored – all this is for solo travellers.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina & Virginia

Route: Cherokee, NC, to Waynesboro, VA

Distance: 469 miles

Blue Ridge Parkway is known for its breathtaking panoramas and rich historical heritage as it connects Great Smoky Mountains National Park with Shenandoah National Park. This way contains more than two hundred scenic overlooks where you can take rest from hiking trails among them being some picturesque small towns like Asheville or Boone; therefore those who love nature or seek peace should choose this path.

Route 66 – Illinois through California

Route: Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA

Distance: 2 448 miles

For nostalgic feelings about old diners, Route 66, which is also named “Main Street of America”, can help with its diverse landscapes crossed by historic places and funny roadside attractions. Going single across the United States could let you enjoy classic motels while eating in retro restaurants, discovering treasures like Cadillac Ranch or Grand Canyon NP on your way there.

Great River Road – Minnesota & Louisiana

Route: Itasca State Park, MN, to Venice, LA

Distance: 3,000 miles

Following the Mississippi River, the Great River Road provides panoramic views of the American heartland surrounded by culture and history. Quaint river towns are waiting to be explored; you can also visit old plantations or vibrant cities such as New Orleans so this is a great chance for those who want to know more about the South region of the US.

Florida Keys Overseas Highway, Florida

Route: Miami, FL, to Key West, FL

Distance: 113 miles

Tropical drive through a series of bridges connecting different parts of the Florida Keys where Overseas Highway is laid – that’s what makes it special among other road travels around the US. Stunning ocean view, water activities and a relaxed island atmosphere are guaranteed here. And don’t forget Key West with its nightlife and historical sights if you travel alone!

Badlands Loop Road, South Dakota

Route: Loop within Badlands National Park

Distance: 39 miles

If looking for something short but intense then Badlands Loop Road in Badlands NP would be the perfect choice because there are not many places on earth like these ones. The drive offers beautiful overlooks over prairies or canyons plus several hiking trails with chances to see wildlife such as bison; also unique geological formations create unforgettable landscapes.

Maui’s Road to Hana, Hawaii

Route: Paia to Haleakala National Park

Distance: 60 miles

Road to Hana has always been considered one of the most picturesque drives in the world due to lush rainforests, numerous waterfalls and stunning coastal views along its winding way through East Maui Mountains all this makes it perfect solo road trip ideas who love nature.

Las Vegas – Grand Canyon NP – Nevada & Arizona

Route: Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon, AZ

Distance: 270 miles

This route goes from the bustling city of Las Vegas to the astounding Grand Canyon. On the way, make stops at the Hoover Dam and through the Mojave Desert. The Grand Canyon has many trails for hiking as well as amazing view points which makes it perfect for people traveling alone.

Finger Lakes Region, New York

Route: Rochester to Syracuse

Distance: 270-350 miles

The Finger Lakes area is famous for its lakes, wineries, and waterfalls. This Road Trip Across America is a good mix between relaxation and adventure with wine tasting, hiking, and exploring small towns along the way. Watkins Glen State Park with its beautiful gorges should not be missed on this drive.

Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington

Route: Loop around the Olympic Peninsula

Distance: 329 miles

Rainforests, mountains, and coastlines all lie along this loop that takes you around Olympic National Park. Hurricane Ridge and Hoh Rainforest are among some highlights found here, too! A peaceful scenic route awaits any individual traveller who loves being outdoors in their own company on this journey.


Road Trip Across America by oneself allow unprecedented flexibility when adventuring outdoors while still offering space for self-discovery amidst natural landscapes unknown until now visited. The top ten American road trips cater to different types of independent travellers, whether these may prefer driving next to oceans across mountain ranges or even through history-rich regions dotted with heritage sites, thus making them pack-ready bags hit roads solo travel!